An Anti-Inflammatory Formula

Penetrex represents a revolutionary breakthrough in the treatment of inflammation related ailments including:

- Tennis & Golfers Elbow- Arthritis- Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
- Tendonitis- Plantar Fasciitis- Sciatica- Bursitis


Tendonitis is a term often used to describe an inflamed and painful tendon.

Tendon pain can affect the tendons in the shoulder, elbow, wrist, finger, thigh, knee and the back of the heal.

The most common cause of Tendonitis is overuse of an affected tendon. For example, using a computer mouse may cause Tendonitis. Writing, typing and assembly line work are all common causes too. This type of overuse tendon injury is also known as repetitive strain injury (RSI).


Treating Tendonitis

Rest is important. Using a splint or a firm bandage will keep the affected area in in the same position for a while, allowing the tendon to rest.

Ice packs over the affected area may ease swelling and pain. Apply twice a day for 10 minutes at a time. A simple ice pack can be made by wrapping frozen peas in a tea towel.

Anti-Inflammatory pain killers are often used (for example, Ibuprofen). These ease pain and reduce inflammation. Anti-inflammatory pain killers also come in cream and gel form which are rubbed over the painful area.

Physiotherapy or steroid injection may be also be advised, especially if the condition does not settle down using the above measures.

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***** Pain relief finally!
By Phillip Sylvia

Started to relieve tendonitis pain in elbow within 5 minutes. Lasts for several hours before needing to reapply. Great product after 2 days of use!

***** I feel better know and ordered a second jar
By Pen Name

I have tendonitis on my wrist and tried every single medicime . After using Penetrex it was incredible how the pain and inflammation disapered. I feel better know and ordered a second jar .

***** Great product!
By Bambi Richochet

Been using this for several weeks - definite improvement. Helped with swelling and discomfort. Have tendonitis in foot